Safe Distance and Delivery Labels Now Available

GCF will carry safe distance floor decals, safe delivery labels for retaurant curbside and delivery service, and other consumer safety signage manufactured by Advanced Labeling Solutions, LLC, and other GCF partners.

As retail establishments across the country begin to reopen, maintaining a safe shopping environment will be vitally important.  Utilize durable, non-slip floor decals to help remind customers to practice social distancing, and wall and door signage to promote healthy practices.  Floor decals and wall signs come in multiple shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the retail space.

With limits on inside seating, restaurants will continue to rely on curbside, take-out and delivery service for the foreseeable future.  Restaurants can show their customers they appreciate their business and prioritize their safety with these tamper-evident, Safe Delivery labels.  Sealing the take-out/delivery bag with one of these labels lets the customer know their food has not been touched since it was placed in the bag.  Safe Delivery labels are also available in multiple sizes.

Contact your GCF Sales Representative to learn more about these great products.

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