Receipt Rolls, and the PRCA Good Manufacturing Seal

General Credit Forms, Inc., is proud to announce that it is one of the eleven founding members of the Paper Receipts Converting Association (PRCA). PRCA provides an industry voice in legislative matters impacting the paper receipt, promulgates manufacturing best practice standards, and protects against unlawful trade practices impacting the North American marketplace. Bryan Eovaldi, President of General Credit Forms, serves as a Board Member and Vice President of PRCA.

As part of its efforts, PRCA has launched the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) mark.  The GMP mark certifies the manufacturer (1) complies with global, federal and local regulatory and legislative requirements; (2) ensures their raw material is purchased from suppliers with quality assurance standards and that comply with relevant legislation; (3) converts rolls with consistent quality – meeting the material specifications, paper grade and caliper ordered – and within a  footage tolerance of +/- 1 foot or +/- 1%; and (4) ensures their procedures, quality and performance under these standards are quality tested.

To learn more about PRCA and the GMP mark, please visit the PRCA website,

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